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Kaien Cruz

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Visual Artist

A new era of music NFT collectibles. #SoundsRare

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Visual Layer


Future of Music NFTs

Own a unique music NFT made by your favorite music artists. Our music NFTs are the generative combination of visual layers with musical stems, merged together by the SoundMint algorithm.

Holder Benefits

Exclusive Content & Merchandise from the Artist to the Fans

Unique Ownership of Music & Visuals through Creative Commons

Access to our Artist-exclusive Community and Partnership Opportunities

Exclusive Access to both our Metaverse & IRL Events

Why Collect A SoundMint?

Expertly-Curated Drops

Our team has years of experience in both the music industry and Web3. Our CEO founded Trap Nation, one of the largest YouTube music curation networks in the world (50m+ subscribers), our CTO is a successful music producer, and our Head of Artist Partnerships has earned 100M+ streams and partnerships with major video game and TV studios. With relationships to your favorite artists, producers, labels and publishers, SoundMint is the go-to platform for curated audiovisual NFTs.

Bringing Artists & Collectors Together

NFTs provide an opportunity to connect collectors & fans in new ways to artists. At SoundMint, holding our unique NFTs provides a closer connection to the artist by giving people an opportunity to invest in artists they enjoy. We also reward our NFT holders through special perks and community-driven incentives for artists.


Generated for Artists

We Put Our Artists & Community First

We are paving the way to artistic freedom in Web3 by providing artists with new paths of revenue and rewarding our holders who join us on this crazy journey.

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