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Kaien Cruz

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A new era of music collectibles. #SoundsRare

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Collecting music, reimagined

Own a unique piece of art from your favorite artists. Working with music layers called stems, our generative technology gives artists the ability to transform all of their ideas into one-of-a-kind digital art collectibles.

Why Collect A SoundMint?

Expertly-Curated Drops

Our team has 25+ years of building global brands within the music industry, including Trap Nation, YouTube’s largest music curation network (50m+ subscribers). With relationships to your favorite artists, producers, and labels, every drop is curated with care.

Bringing Artists & Collectors Together

Digital collectibles provide an opportunity to connect fans and collectors with artists in ways never before possible. Holding a SoundMint collectible is the only way to own a piece of music from your favorite artist that is completely unique to you.


Generated for Artists

We Put Our Artists & Community First

We are paving the way to artistic freedom both creatively and financially, providing artists with a new way to relate to their craft, as well as new paths to revenue.

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